Thursday, 26 November 2015

3 Experiences that Are Totally Different for Kids

Sometimes, it's not the experience itself but your perspective on that experience that makes all the difference. Here are three experiences that are totally different for kids versus grown-ups.

No. 1: Going to Work

Kid: Wow, this work place must be amazing! Mom and Dad spend soooo much time there; it must be super fun! You get to play on a computer all day, and I bet you can eat as much junk food as you want. Plus, you get to ride a cool-looking train to get there. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I wish I could go, too. Can I come to work with you, Mama? Please, please, PLEASE?!

Adult: Monday. Sigh. Where's the coffee?

No. 2: The First Snowfall

Kid: SNOW!!! We can have snowball fights! Make snow angels! Go tobogganing! Do you wanna build a snowman? I wonder if I can...let me see...yes, I CAN catch snowflakes on my tongue. And guess what: they taste JUST. LIKE. WATER! Maybe today will be a snow day, and I won't have to go to school, and there will be so much snow that we'll have to stay home for DAYS just watching movies and roasting marshmallows....

Adult: Aw crap...snow! Already?! I haven't put the snow tires on yet! It's really coming down...that's going to double my commute. Where the #$%@ is the stupid scraper? Don't tell me: it's still in a box at the top of the garage. And where are the kids' snowpants? Has anybody seen their boots? Do the ones from last year still fit? Well, they're just going to have to squeeze into them for now; we're already late. Damn it, I wish I'd put the car in the garage last night...and refilled the windshield washer fluid...and warmed it up before trying to drive it....

No. 3: Running Errands

Kid: Mom, can we have that cereal, the one with the rainbow marshmallows? Please? Please? I LOVE that cereal; I will eat it EVERY DAY, I PROMISE! And those cookies shaped like teddy bears...can we have those, too? Oh, lookyummy fruit snacks! Let me see if I can reach, I GOT 'EM! Whoops. Anyway, can I open them now? I'm hungry. Do you have any other snacks in your purse? I'm thirsty, too. Are we done yet? I have to pee. Actually, I have to pee RIGHT NOW. Oh...maybe I don't. But I want to get out of the cart. I WANT TO GET OUT OF THE CART!!! LET ME OUT!!!

Adult: All I want is to get in and out of the grocery store in less than an hour and a half without yelling at somebody or totally losing my mind. Is that really too much to ask?!   

Too late. Never mind.


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